Major Edward S O'ReillySource : ebook on google

Major Edward S O’Reilly
Source : ebook on google

During the research process on Sikhs in Shanghai, I came across relatively unknown memoir by Edward S.O’ Reilly. O’Reilly’s book published in 1918, includes his stint as Shanghai Municipal Policeman in early twentieth century. It is a wonderful read. I posted in October, 2012 on my Facebook Sikhs In Shanghai page and realized not much was known about his account. While we know about S.M.P. Maurice Tinkler in Robert Bickers’ book ‘An Empire Made Me’ and E.W. Peters book ‘ Shanghai Policeman’, there was no mention of O’Reilly’s memoir.Last month I corresponded with Professor Bickers, University of Bristol about it. He checked and confirmed that the account though very imaginative was a genuine one.

Professor Bickers pointed out that there were two correspondents who had asked about O’Reilly’s memoir(on his blog). I know I am one of the correspondents. It would be good to exchange notes with the second correspondent as well!! Here’s a picture of special interest since Reilly peppered his book with illustrations. A Shanghai Sikh policeman. Much appreciation to O’Reilly for including it!


Photo image from O’Reilly’s book