Cricketer magazine

1940s Cricketer magazine featuring an article by Barrett

One key figure in Sikhs in Shanghai saga was Captain E.I.M.Barrett, a prolific English sportsman – cricketer, golfer, rugby player.In charge of the Sikh contingent(1908-1925)  he was later promoted to Commissioner of S.M.P. But his S.M.P.commissioner tenure(1925-1929) in Shanghai came to an abrupt end as he was forced to resign. More research needs to be done on the reasons for it – one being an investigative report submitted by his successor on police methods. But here’s a little known fact – Barrett authored a book titled ‘Drums of Asia’ under the pseudonym Charles Trevor. A fictional account of the WWI in Mesopotamia. The book seems to be a rare item and available only in university libraries.

More information on the book soon. It may not be about Shanghai but leads to the question – Did he write any book on Shanghai? Time and research will tell.

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