Biography of J.O.P. Bland (taken from the world wide web)

“John Otway Percy Bland was born in Malta, second son of Major-General E.L. Bland of County Antrim, Ireland. He was educated in Switzerland, at Victoria College, Jersey, and at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1883 he joined the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs and for some years was also Private Secretary to Sir Robert Hart, resigning in 1896 to become Secretary to the Municipality for the Foreign Settlements at Shanghai. He became representative in China of the British and Chinese Corporation Ltd. in 1906, and negotiated four railway loans with the Chinese Government. In 1910 he resigned and left China. He had been Times Correspondent in Shanghai from 1897-1907 and in Peking, 1907-10. After his return to England he engaged chiefly in journalism. He published ten books under his own name, mainly on eastern
affairs and current events. He is chiefly renowned for his collaboration with Sir Edmund Backhouse in China under the Empress Dowager, 1910, and Annals of the Court of the
Court of Peking, 1911.
Bland died at Aldeburgh, England in 1945.”


Here’s an example of a collection he wrote for an article :  “English as She Is Wrote” (ignore the portraits in the snippet – they have no relevance to the article. Secondly click the image for a better view).