Sometimes I stumble upon Shanghai ephemera via serendipity lanes of the world wide web. Today, it is a Shanghai cookbook!

‘Bon appétit- Secrets from Shanghai Kitchen’ by Lady Maze and Mrs. V. G. Bowden is a culinary book published in 1940 in Shanghai to raise British war funds and is a rare treasure – there are only eight or ten editions of this book in the world. Gherkin & Tomatoes blogger provides more information on the authors (Lady Maze has connections to none other than Sir Robert Hart) and the compilation of recipes. The first chapter is Cocktails &  Zakouska (Russian word for starters). Now, Russian influence could be because of monarchy connections or some other reason. Undeniably, Russians were a strong presence in Old Shanghai. The limited search service offered by University of California on the book indicates that there are references to the term ‘Indian’ at least 3 times. So, I won’t be surprised if a curry or tikka dish features in it – alas, I’ve not feasted my eyes on this antiquarian form. But, Omnivore website has this fuzzy image of the cocktail recipe – an antidote that must do for now, at least. Cheers!

A Delicious Cocktail recipe (contributed by Sir Andrew Noble)

1 part lemon juice.
1 part gin.
2/3rds part passion fruit juice.
1 dash Kirsch.
1 dash orange bitters.
Crushed ice.