In my earlier post, the pro-Japanese propaganda posters targeting Indians and Sikh soldiers stressed on India’s lack of freedom and British manipulation.Some of the posters point the apathy of the colonial masters, highlighting the plight of Indians pushed in the line of fire even as their “White”  officers enjoy a cushy life.

The allied forces counter-attacked with their own posters and pamphlets addressing the axis forces’ subterfuge, deception and depicting Japan as maniacal in its power and blood-thirsty quest. The American radio broadcasts of the time are downright racist and extended to print propaganda as well.


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Some posters designed for British India depicted Subhas Chandra Bose  as the villain who was accused of selling his motherland to the Japanese and thus termed a quisling.


Source: stampomania blog

Of course the impact and success of the propaganda posters issued by Japanese or anti-Japanese forces would make for an interesting study. Air-dropped or distributed the posters aimed at Indians, purposefully sought the loyalty of the Indian/Sikh soldiers. Eventually through ruse, brute force the Japanese manipulated the Indian India League and the evidence of that can be seen especially at Rabaul camp where the Indians were tortured, cannibalized to dig underground tunnels for the Japanese.

Indian history portrays Bose as a patriot, war hero but the world history paints him as a power hungry politician eager to side with the Germans & Japanese to achieve his  quest to rule India. Certainly, the anti-Japanese propaganda posters pin him as the guilty party and had he survived he would have been trialed for war crimes along with the Japanese military generals.