The former Shanghai gurdwara on Dong BaoXing Lu/Road does still exist. But, not as a gurudwara. It is a residence shared by couple of Chinese families. Sikh religion (like many other religions) is not permitted in mainland China.

Many a times, readers of this blog or on my Facebook page, post questions on the existence of the gurdwara. They are visiting Shanghai on business and would like to visit this building with such rich history. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint them. There is a Sikh sangat for the Sikh and Indian expatriates currently living in Shanghai but bears no connection to the former gurudwara in any manner.  People can still visit the former gurudwara building and go inside if the occupants permit it. Fluency in Mandarin or a friend fluent in Mandarin will be useful!

In 2010 & 2011, I have been inside the former gurudwara. The 1st time I had help and conversed with the aayi (term for aunty, as this how older women are addressed) who was clearly very shy. I found the air inside stifling and had to leave immediately. The second time, I held my breath as much as I could and took pictures with my camera. In any case, the occupants are living in sub-standard conditions and the building itself is deteriorating.

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