Princess Sumair, the fashionista from Patiala had expensive tastes (as per newspaper reports) and depended on her finances purely  sourced through family connections. Incidentally, she happened to be Amrita Sher-gill’s cousin and features in few of her paintings.After her Shanghai stint,Sumair surfaced in the United States of America, having lived in Paris for a while.She catered to the very rich and her clientele were society’s sophisticates of the time. She married furrier, John Boughton and together they ran the Princess Sumair Boughton corporation from New York & Florida.

The question that arose while researching Sumair was:”Who was financing her boutique and venture in U.S.A?” Her family? Perhaps.But, definitively, it was her Shanghai  connections that came in handy  from time to time (hope to put this information in a book). The last I read on her was a lawsuit she had filed against a European financier who had backed out. He also happened to be an arms dealer with ties to Old Shanghai. It doesn’t end here.

Yet, there is more to Sumair than meets the eye and it would be a pity to present a picture of her from just biased angles..