Last week, despite the slushy snow in USA I made the journey to UK  (after flight cancellation reducing my stay to 5 days) to collect information on Shanghai Sikhs from The National Archives. Since past few years  (at least 4 years) I have been more than occupied with the forgotten story of the Indians who lived in China prior to 1949 and specifically the Shanghai Sikhs. I intend to write a non-fiction narrative and this journey was essential.

I visited the The National Archives and the British Library and processed enough research material to be able to present in a book form. My last day the The National Archives in Kew was  “interesting.”  I was in the middle of examining a file with original documents when news of fire in the disused water coolers nearby, broke. From inside, we could see  the smoke from the flames darkening the white skies. Firefighters showed up and all visitors were bundled up in the lobby. After 2 hours the building was declared safe but closed for public safety for the rest of the day. Fortunately I had recorded what I needed to know….of course there’s a chance that some information is lying there unnoticed.

Enough adventure but I am glad I made this trip because many loose ends got tied up neatly and securely. Now, to finish writing my book….