Shanghai's murder mysteries

Shanghai’s murder mysteries (the above image shows February 18 (should be February 10) – news was wired in those days)

Pamela Werner’s ghastly murder in 1937, claimed newspaper headlines, world over- her murder mystery has been so well researched and presented by Paul French in his book ‘Midnight in Peking’. But, in 1930 there was another killer on the prowl in Shanghai who was targeting young, innocent children. Labeled as ‘ female Jack the Ripper’, the  mystery baffled the police.

Here’s a snippet from a newspaper report:

“Two child murders have been reported in the past two days. On Saturday afternoon a Japanese girl seven months old was stabbed an the neck and strangled, and last night the water police picked up a Chinese girl in the harbour, who had been strangled in similar manner.

The murder of the Japanese baby occurred in an upstairs room at its home, and the police are searching for a pretty Chinese girl with bobbed-hair, believed to be a cabaret dancer, who was seen by the mother of the murdered child to leave the premises shortly after the tragedy. The absence of any apparent motive for the crimes intensifies the mystery surrounding them. The entire staff of the Japanese Consulates is assisting the, municipal police in their endeavour to trace the murderess.”
Who do you think was the killer? Answer, tomorrow!
Here’s the answer – it was a cabaret dancer as suspected but the nationality in the newspaper clipping below is reported as Japanese.
Shanghai myseries

Shanghai myseries